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Solid Hardwood Floors:Signs that it’s time to refinish your hardwood floor

Signs that it’s time to refinish your hardwood floor:

Solid hardwood floors are beautiful and long-lasting. But they do need some maintenance. There are times that they require sanding and refinishing. Do you know the signs that it is time to refinish your floors? Here are some indications that the time has come. solid hardwood floor Vancouver WA

If your floor has a lot of scratches that have worn through the finish and the stain, it’s time to have them refinished. Having a few minor scratches is normal, but especially scratches that go through the stain are more obvious. Most scratches on your floor will be on the surface, and will be taken care of with a simple sanding and refinish.

If you have boards that are turning gray, it’s definitely time to refinish. This is caused by the wood absorbing moisture. If your floors are not refinished, the wood will turn darker until it eventually turns black. At that point you will have to replace those boards.

Fading or discoloration is another sign that you need to have your floors refinished. You often see sun damage near windows, or when you move area rugs or furniture. Refinishing will usually take care of this because it removes the top layer.

If you are wondering if your floors need refinishing or replacing, contact Huggins Hardwood Floors  and we will evaluate your floor, and give you our expert recommendations.

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