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What is now LV Wood was founded in Buffalo NY by my father, Jim Caroll. After having worked as a master antique refinisher, my father developed a true Reverence For Wood, and that was what he called his first company.

In the early 1980’s he noticed the rising trend in wood flooring, watching as it gained in popularity over carpet and linoleum that had been the norm for so many years. In 1985 he opened Buffalo Hardwood in a modest storefront on Hertel Avenue, in the predominantly Italian neighborhood of North Buffalo.

With his wife and partner Carolyn Caroll at his side, Pops and CC as we affectionately called them, placed the company atop the wood flooring industry. They won prestigious awards from the National Wood Flooring Association for their uniquely high end work, year after year. As a young boy I remember being very impressed seeing all of those big trophies lined up in the small showroom.


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The Company

Jamie Beckwith is a leading trendsetter in the realm of luxury interior design and the founder and design visionary behind the Jamie Beckwith Collection®. This innovative offering of prestige wood surfacing treatments for both floor and vertical surfaces forever changes the concept of how wood can be used in residential, commercial, and corporate environments.Since establishing Beckwith Interiors design practice in 2006, the celebrated interiors authority has achieved a national presence, renowned for her discerning eye and sophisticated interiors for both commercial and residential clients from coast to coast. The Jamie Beckwith Collection©is the designer’s signature transformative media dedicated to expressing the perfect balance between creativity and design, art and functionality.Comprised of the Enigma©, Projection, Mosaic, and Etched hardwood tiles series, this directional application of organic materials with resonance is animated by the designer’s appreciation of beauty within art and nature. Inspired by the traditional warmth of wood but with an inventive and contemporary interpretation of ornamental patterns, every surface becomes a blank canvas to explore dimension, structure, shape and light.

The Jamie Beckwith Collection® embraces the artisans’ ethos of quality and attention to detail. Manufactured within the Beckwith companies own production facility in Nashville, Tennessee, each product eschews the concept of conventional uniformity – instead celebrating the individual interpretation of the natural beauty of each piece through expert handmade craftsmanship.

The Jamie Beckwith Collection® presents the strength of nature combined with the heart of design.

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Dinesen Home

In 2003, Anouska Hempel designed an exclusive flat in Copenhagen with Douglas planks as a key design element throughout. In 2015, the flat was redesigned by Dinesen to form a private setting where the passion for wood, architecture, design and art is evident in every detail. This is the story of Dinesen Home.

The second one walks through the narrow door to the large flat, the effect is palpable. The city noise is gone, and one is welcomed by the pleasant smell of wood. This is a haven of calm. And inspiration. The flat is richly decorated with modern art, exclusive furniture and, not least, bespoke solutions in wood.

After serving as a private home for a number of years, the large flat in the heart of Copenhagen is now a Dinesen Home, which captures the essence of the family-run company: the passion for wood, architecture and design, the high level of quality, close client relationships and the desire to provide a source of inspiration.

The British designer Anouska Hempel created the basis for an extraordinary Dinesen universe more than ten years ago when she designed this exquisite home with Dinesen Douglas floors combined with one-off furniture in the same material.

Attention has been paid to every single detail in the redesign of Dinesen Home. The indirect light, which is a signature feature for the designer, creates an evocative setting for the many elements to be explored. The books on architecture, art and photography in the small office. The plank table, which has been dyed with Linseed Oil in the colour note Paris Blue, as an homage to another inspiring metropolis. World-class glass and photographic art. Wild flowers and grass.

To embrace both the past and the future, the flat is furnished with customised classics as well as modern Danish and international furniture. The mood is Nordic and light but with international substance and appeal.

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Warm and natural essence of living.

Berti is one of the main companies in the national and international wood flooring sector. Company’s activity is based on two different (but combined) cornerstones: productive department and supply and distribution through a shops franchise. Berti’s family, the company’s founders, Mr. Giancarlo and his wife Rosanna and their sons Matteo, Andrea and Massimo have always been very careful to market’s evolutions. Berti parquet, excellent finish wood flooring 100% Italian made, tastings and different atmospheres with a wide variety of styles.

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