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For 30 years we have dedicated ourselves to marrying the artistry of finely crafted wood with the science of producing resilient, naturally comfortable and – equally important – comforting floors.

We don’t cut corners. Because we know that for our customers, their homes are more than an investment, they are privileged spaces of repose, comfort and beauty. You wouldn’t skimp on the surfaces that carry you through life. You want them to be beautiful, practical and healthful. We are committed to meeting, even surpassing your expectations.

“A beautiful, enduring flooring experience created with authentic artistry, ingenuity and environmental integrity.” David Lauzon



Through our fully integrated operation, we have built a business that is at the forefront of sustainable forest management and stewardship. It’s unique business model, scale, know-how and commitment to responsibly managing its ressources, that’s what makes Lauzon such a special brand.



At its heart, Lauzon is a family business that became a North American leader in supplying customers with premium hardwood flooring. We are proud to employ 500 people in our facilities across the province. Every day we devote ourselves to ensuring that your floors meet the very highest standards in every way.



Our artisans are constantly imagining new techniques to delicately enhance our stunning array of styles and textures with a view to responding to your every desire. Nothing rivals the beauty of natural wood to create interior designs for living spaces that capture who you are.



Always striving for excellence, from our very inception, a visionary, vigilant, and flexible approach has ensured that we are awake to the exciting possibilities science and technology allow, so that we can offer you beautiful, precise and high qualityhardwood floors. Not only do our floors not emit toxins, with Pure Genius smart floors they can help purify the air.

For us, innovative technology, leading-edge design and meticulous artisanal craftsmanship go hand in hand.