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Sports Rooms


The Performance system is Tarkett Sports’ most popular wood floor. It incorporates two plywood layers for stability and 3/4” CoreCushion shock pads for a high-level shock absorption. This system is engineered as a competitive sports surface and is MFMA PUR compliant. Performance is also a popular flooring option for dance and aerobic areas.

Performance DiagramWith a two layer 15/32” plywood foundation, a variety of different durometer 3/4” CoreCushion shock pads, and WD Northern Maple from Wisconsin, the Performance system is Tarkett Sports best-selling wood floor. This system is well suited for basketball and is constructed with competitive sports in mind. It is also a popular wood floor for dance studios and aerobic exercise areas.

1 – Shock Pads: These rubber shock pads provide comfort and shock absorption to the Performance system. They are available in a variety of different constructions with different durometer measurements.

2 – Plywood: This layer consists of two 15/32” sheets of plywood, which offers a stable foundation for the system.

3 – Northern Maple: The surface of the Performance system is made of 25/32” or 33/32” Northern Maple from WD Flooring in Wisconsin, a MFMA maple flooring provider.

ClutchCourt Specifications

This page contains a collection of specification documents for ClutchCourt hardwood maple flooring.  Each specification can be downloaded as a PDF document. A performance specification that conveys all of the characteristics of the ClutchCourt systems and allows equivalent products is…

ClutchCourt Maintenance Guide

ClutchCourt maple sports flooring should be maintained in compliance with Tarkett Sports’ recommendations. In order to ensure consistent performance and guaranteed durability, proper atmospheric conditions must be maintained within the building at all times. To achieve this, areas with wood…

ClutchCourt Environmental Fact Sheets

This page contains a collection of environmental fact sheets related to ClutchCourt maple sports flooring. Each document offers information according to the four categories of Tarkett’s approach to sustainability: Good Materials, Resource Stewardship, People-Friendly Spaces, Reuse and Recycle.

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