Wood Floor finish technologies have come a long way. What use to be a very inconvenient & unhealthy process, is now safe for your family, pets & the environment. We offer the best oil based, waterbased & plant oil based products on the market. Below we have included the main products we use including;  Bona®, Basic Coatings®, Rubio Monocoat®. We also offer products by Poloplaz®, Ciranova®, Blanchon®, Loba®, Woca® & More.

After years of finishing floors with thousands of finished floors under belt, we’ve come to learn that not one manufacturer of finish products has every finish type perfected, this is why we offer such a wide range of manufacturers products. This allows us to offer the perfect product for everyone.

Contractors that offer lower prices are likely not be using comparable finishes. 😓 Be sure you are comparing apples to apples when comparing our bids with competitors… A quality finish can last 10 years or more longer than cheaper alternatives.



Bona Woodline® is an oil modified polyurethane floor finish for residential and commercial wood floors. Woodline provides a very tough / durable coating and enhances the natural color of woods.

✓ available in satin, semi-gloss + gloss sheens (alternatives available in matte sheen)
✓ develops an ambered patina over time & light exposure
✓ dries in 6-8 hours
✓ 40% cured in just 24 hour
✓ light foot traffic in 12 hours
✓ fully cured in 2 weeks
✓ 30 days for rugs


Basic Coatings EasyStreet Waterbased Hardwood Floor Finish


Basic Coatings Easy Street® is an American Made single component water-based finish for both residential and commercial wood floors. EasyStreet provides outstanding durability & Clarity without an external catalyst / hardener. EasyStreets superior wear properties, low odor & low VOC’s make it an excellent option for all types of hardwood floors.

✓ available in super matte, satin, semi-gloss & gloss sheens
✓ outstanding durability
✓ no offensive odors
✓ low VOC
✓ uv inhibitor helps to minimize yellowing, sunlight related damages & fading
✓ higher build then any other single component waterbased finish product
✓ fast drying (just 1-3 hours)
✓ fast curing  (90% cured in 24 hours & fully cured in 7 days)
✓ light foot traffic in just 3 hours
✓ 2 weeks for rugs or covering the floors


Basic Coatings Street Shoe High Traffic Waterbased Hardwood Floor Finish


Basic Coatings StreetShoe® is an American Made water-based commercial and residential finish that offers the ultimate in durability. Street Shoe outperforms all other wood floor finishes in the industry including; moisture cure, solvent based, oil modified or any other water-borne finish on the market. This product was designed specifically for high traffic wood floors. StreetShoe® is a 2 component system with a catalyst / hardener.

✓ satin, semi-gloss, & gloss sheens (alternative available in matte)
✓ ultimate durability
✓ no offensive odors
✓ low VOC
✓ uv inhibitor helps to minimize yellowing, sunlight related damages & fading
✓ higher build then any other 2 component waterbased finish product
✓ excellent chemical resistance
✓ fast drying (just 1-3 hours)
✓ fast curing (90% cured in just 24 hours & fully cured in 7 days)
✓ light foot traffic in just 3 hours
✓ 2 weeks for rugs or covering the floors




Rubio Monocoat® is a penetrating non-toxic hardwax oil that protects wood floors by bonding to the wood fibers through molecular bonding. Rubio Monocoat® is a technologically advanced version of one of the most tried and true methods of protecting woods. If you’ve spent anytime in Europe you’ve likely seen some of the beautiful wood floors, nearly all of which don’t have a trace of polyurethane on them.

Wood is a resilient material that expands + contracts and natural oil finishes like Rubio feed this porous material what it likes, and what is natural. On the other hand polyurethanes attempt to put a barrier between life + the wood. Rubio is a favorite product of ours and we are one of the most experienced users in the country and we’re without a doubt the most experienced locally.

Rubio is available in a Pure (clear) & 40+ other color shades; When coupled with our pretreatments & precolors the options of colors, textured & contrasting color looks, and custom finished looks is endless.

✓ super-matte sheen
✓ 0 VOC – non-toxic
✓ protects + colors in one easy application
✓ molecular bonds to wood fibers
✓ very wear resistant
✓ easy to maintain
✓ easy to touch up
✓ 6-12 hour dry time
✓ fast curing (80% cured in just 48 hours & fully cured in 1 week)
✓ 2 weeks for area rugs


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