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2024 Quadrilegno

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Quadrolegno S.r.l. stands at the forefront of innovating and crafting wood flooring, focusing on the entire system beyond mere aesthetics. We delve into the realms of sensory experience, technical excellence, and safety in usage.

Our diverse manufacturing processes merge the finest of woodworking traditions, expertise, and research, predominantly showcased in the Italian market. Our production approach is marked by unparalleled flexibility, enabling us to explore and develop products and solutions without constraints. We are committed to producing and creating what we believe is essential and innovative.

Our collections are born from a blend of sensory experiences and requests, often driven by intuition and insights from architects, interior designers, furniture makers, and luthiers – all united by their love for wood and the unique sensations it offers.

Thanks to these collaborations, we have redefined and added new dimensions to the parquet industry. Our flagship collection, QuadroLegno Élite, which initially defined our brand, has evolved over time, incorporating new collections that offer not just visual appeal but also a rich tactile experience.