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Straight lines never occur in nature.

In order to preserve the uniquely formed patterns of each tree we have developed the solid wood floor Waldilla® – Best of Wood. The individual curves of each board bring their natural atmosphere and beauty into our rooms. Each board preserves a high degree of the original forms with all their special characteristics.

Waldilla® is a made-to-order wood floor so that the customer can enjoy a unique high-quality product, exactly fitting to his rooms. Thanks to modern computer technology we can achieve unprecedented accuracy thus fulfilling the highest possible standards.

On the 10th November 2007 we were awarded a special prize for innovative production by the network of the city Stade.

Knots and blemishes are intentionally retained and enhanced to improve the boards’ character. Holes are filled and any loose wood held in place using transparent glue. This preserves the beauty of each detail.

Relaxation, inspiration and delight for beauty –
Waldilla® gets constantly more valuable in the course of time.

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