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2024 Skema

Our horizon is the market. Our mission is to anticipate it.

A question was calling for an answer. It was 1992. The answer developed with us: in that year we were the only Italian company specialised in the production of pre-finished floating laminated floorings with HDF base support. Today we offer a complete range of covering systems. Systems that range from the use of fine woods, to raised technical floorings and sound-absorbing wall coverings. The production system comprises a network based in Italy and Europe, controlled and managed by Skema.


We create outfits for living space: we are a laboratory, an atelier and a factory.

Our activity is guided by the customer service philosophy. We never say that something is impossible to make without trying. We believe we can also satisfy the most peculiar requests. Often it is an unusual request that pushes us towards areas we have not yet dared to explore. You can ask Skema what you cannot even propose to others.


We adopt the best technology, without forgeting the oldestour hands.

We inherited the original approach of the old carpenter’s shop, where everything was made by hand, and we implement it with the generating potential of new technologies. The human factor is what makes the difference also in the most sophisticated of our automated processes. Without abandoning the oldest of technologies: our hands.

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