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New York City Wood Floors


Luxury Wood Floors

For over two decades, Luxury Wood Floors, a specialized division of New York City Wood Floors, has been the go-to consultant for architects, interior designers, and discerning homeowners seeking unparalleled luxury wood flooring solutions. Guided by a certified wood flooring inspector, we preemptively address issues, ensuring flawless quality from inception to completion. Our offerings are sourced from the most reputable materials globally, setting the gold standard in the industry. We excel in a myriad of high-end wood flooring styles, from herringbone and chevron to wide and long plank floors, as well as custom parquet, reclaimed wood, and end grain wood floors. Our services stand out for their unique textures, patterns, and colors, along with advanced fuming, smoking, and wire-brushed techniques. We also offer cerused wood floors, durable and eco-friendly finishes, and an exotic wood selection that is second to none. 

Wood Floors

Welcome to the enchanting world of hardwood flooring, where timeless beauty meets enduring elegance. Our collection is a tribute to the classic charm and modern versatility of hardwood floors. From the expansive allure of wide plank designs to the intricate patterns of herringbone and chevron, each style speaks a unique language of sophistication. Dive into the artistic realm of parquet wood floors, where creativity and tradition blend seamlessly. Discover the perfect foundation for your space, where every plank tells a story and every step resonates with nature’s harmony. Explore our range and let the journey to your dream floor begin.

Eco-Friendly Wood Flooring Refinishing

For 20 long years, Go Green Wood Floors—New York City Wood Floors’ eco-centric division—has been the definitive authority for architects and designers in New York City, New Jersey, Greenwich, Connecticut, and the Hamptons. Our unwavering commitment? Offering wood floor finishes that are as green as they are grand. In strategic alliance with industry titans like WOCA Denmark, Rubio Monocoat, Vermenister, Ciranova, and Loba, we deliver nothing short of the finest. While many compromise on health, we specialize in natural oils, hard wax oils, waterborne finishes, and low-to-zero VOC solutions, ensuring you breathe easy, not carcinogens.

Covering New York State, Greenwich, Connecticut, New York City, New Jersey, and the Hamptons, our expert refinishing services employ state-of-the-art sanding machines with dust containment systems—because your project deserves both quality and safety. Choose Go Green Wood Floors: where conscientious design meets impeccable execution.