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WOCA Green Flooring Solutions

By: Peppi Masciandaro

WOCA Denmark a name synonymous with Green…
WOCA’s Natural Wood Floor Finishing Oils are ZERO VOC
(volatile organic compound) products that
dovetail seamlessly with many of the green
build criteria maintains Meredith Kilpatrick, Northeast
Sales Representative for WOCA Denmark. Whether
you’re an installer or homeowner, the salient features of
WOCA’s Natural Hardwood Floor Finishing Oils are
durability, wear resistance, easy maintenance,
exponential color effects, beauty and environmental

For more than four decades WOCA has been a natural
part of the world’s most beautiful buildings. In New
Haven, the Yale Center for British Art, a Green
Workplace Certified museum, is just one of WOCA’s high
profile projects. The Copenhagen Airport is another
example of a high traffic signature WOCA Denmark
project, where beautiful architecture and Scandinavian
design create a calm and relaxing oasis for international
travelers. In NYC, WOCA projects in high visibility
landmark buildings include Carnegie Hall and Columbia University.
These are all examples of how WOCA’s surface
treatment and maintenance system can help to protect
the visions of architects and builders.

Joe Avila, founder of Huggins Wood Floor Specialist, and
WOCA cosponsor highly popular and well attended
bimonthly CEU (Continuing Education Unit) classes in
New York for the AIA (American Institute of Architects)
and ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)
industry professionals. Ms. Kilpatrick credited NWFA
(National Wood Flooring Association) certified installer,
inspector, sand and finish Joe Avila as WOCA’s primary
go to contractor for installations and designers. “Joe’s
expertise and talent combined elevate his skills beyond
craftmanship to artistry, he and his team test the limits
of performance to produce beautiful outcomes.”

Homeowners need to know that WOCA Natural
Hardwood Floor Finishing Oil is the leading plant based,
environmentally sustainable and nonpolluting single
component system. WOCA products are natural and
contain no harsh chemicals that can gas off and cause
respiratory issues. “The wood floor oil finish market is
changing, with growing concern over the safety of what
you’re living with.” According to Ms. Kilpatrick, “We’re a
niche market and what that means is within that, there
are a growing number of homeowners that want to live
green.” Urethane based coatings are traditionally what
we’ve grown up with, however it’s akin to pouring plastic
over a living and breathing entity. WOCA Natural Wood
Floor Oil Finishes allow both the homeowners and their
floors to breathe naturally and easily.

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