Protect Your Hardwood Floors

The holidays can be hard on your hardwood floors:

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year. It means family gatherings, dinners, parties, and more activities than ever in your home. When you throw winter weather and holiday decorations into the mix, you have a lot of potential for extra wear and tear on your hardwood floors. Here are some hazards to be aware of, and some tips for protecting your floors during the holiday season. solid hardwood flooring Vancouver WA

Any kind of liquid left sitting on your hardwood can cause real damage. The holidays bring with them lots of potential for spills and water damage. If you have a Christmas tree that needs to be watered, be sure to have protective coverings under it to catch any leaks or overflow. Holiday parties can be another source of spilled liquids. The sooner they are mopped up, the better for your floor.

Extra traffic on your floors can cause extra wear. More feet bring in more dirt, mud, snow and moisture from outside. You can prevent some of it by placing mats inside and outside your doors for guests to wipe their shoes on. Party-goers often wear high heels, which can harm hardwood floors. It is a good idea to lay down some temporary area rugs or runners to protect your floors for social events. In some informal settings it is appropriate to ask guests to remove their shoes as they enter the house.

One final tip for the holidays: make sure your chairs have chair glides attached. They are inexpensive and very easy to attach. Your chairs should have them even for everyday use. They will prevent chair legs from scratching and rubbing on your hardwood floor finish. It’s a simple solution that goes a long way in preventing damage.

With a little proactive protection, you can keep your solid hardwood flooring merry and bright throughout the holiday season!

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