Refinishing original hardwood floors

Sometimes jobs change midway through, and we’re OK with that! Our customer in Rocky River came to us to get their carpet replaced. After choosing their replacement carpet, our team went to their house to rip out the current carpet… and found hardwood floors underneath! At that point our customer decided to utilize the original hardwood floors, so we were on to plan B.

Refinishing hardwood floors is something we do regularly for our customers, so changing from plan A to plan B was not a big deal, except a plywood step was involved. Because the step was the same height as the original hardwood floors, our team was tasked with rebuilding the step so that when new hardwood was laid on top of the step, the height would match exactly to the height of the original hardwood floors. Additionally, our customer no longer liked the look of the curved step they once had at their home, so we redesigned the structure of the step to suit their needs and their aesthetic.

We love a challenge and we truly love making our customers fall in love with their home again. Take a look at our progress pictures of this project below!

Here we already removed the carpet to reveal the original hardwood floors
and are removing the remaining carpet.
Our mid-project work shows partial hardwood and partial concrete floors revealed along with the curved step our customer wanted to remove.
Below, you will see the straight step we built along with new hardwood to match
their original hardwood that we matched.
 Making sure our customers are 100% happy is our #1 goal. We made a recommendation on a stain to match the existing hardwood in the house, but consulted with the customer, too.
 Our finished project shows the refinished hardwood floors, the new hardwood step and
Tuftex carpet to add an accent to the room.

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