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Grey and White Washed Laminate Hardwood

Grey and White Laminate Hardwood

Grey & white-washed laminate flooring possess a vintage assemblage that invigorates the style-tone in your home.

Grey and White washed laminate hardwood is currently one of the biggest trends in the hardwood business. While dark floors are still very much the rage across the country grey and white floors are starting to make their own mark.

One of the reasons these grey laminate floors are making a push is because of the current trend in the interior design community to create urban/industrial spaces for their clients. Grey and white washed laminate hardwoods give a space a raw edge.

Many retail spaces are turning to the grey and white washed laminate floors because they look great and they are much easier to keep clean then darker wood flooring choices.

simpleFLOORS carries a several grey and white washed laminate hardwood. Check out our Crystaline, Arctic Mist, London Brushed, Barnboard, and Coconut Cream laminates.

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