Preparing Your Floors for Winter Weather

With the first day of winter looming over us in the next month (and the fact that Ohio weather tends to be chaotic), there is the strong possibility that snow and sludge may be dragged into your home this winter. There’s no need to fret at the thought of this though, with this handy guide you’ll be able to prepare your floors for all of the unexpected weather the winter has to offer. And you’ll be amazed at how you have never thought about prepping your floors sooner.

Storage Bins

Whether you enter your home through the front door or in through a mudroom, with the winter weather comes many layers of clothing. And everyone tends to take those layers off at the door. By acquiring some storage bins, a tray for shoes or adding in some cubbies, these allow everyone (even guests) to have a spot to put their winter items. Removing boots and other winter footwear before entering the main threshold of the house will help prevent all of that salt and slush from getting on your floors.

Heavy-Duty Floor Mats

This is a good idea to implement no matter what type of floor you have — hard surface or carpet — in your home. An entrance that sees a lot of foot traffic will benefit from a mat with rough bristles. These bristles can get the ice, mud or other muck off your shoes so the muck won’t come inside. Or opting for a non-absorbent plastic mat can help out your floors as well. This floor mat gives shoes a place to dry without having the water pool on to your floors, making them wet, or worse, damaging them.


This tip is specifically for homes with wood floors. If your floors are looking gray and lackluster, it is probably time to reseal them. And what’s better, sealing them before the sporadic winter weather hits means that moisture from snow won’t get into those wood floors. As resealing doesn’t cost as much money as refinishing hardwood floors, we suggest this method first. But if your floors are in desperate need of being refinished, that is another way to extend the life of your solid hardwood. Before you begin the resealing process, clean your wood floors thoroughly. Any dirt or dust in the floors you don’t clean out before resealing will be trapped in there, which won’t be beneficial to you or your home.

Other Ideas

Pertaining directly to your floors, taking care of them properly can also help prepare you during the winter. Check any wood or laminate floors you have for gaps, cracks or splits in them. While it may seem unnecessary, these could let drafts into your home. Use a resin to fill in gaps on your floor so turning on the heat won’t go to waste. Another good idea is to keep cleaning supplies at the ready. Having a broom or dry mop available will not only encourage you to regularly clean your floors, but it will keep your floors in tiptop shape year round.

Keeping your floors in the best shape during winter months doesn’t have to be difficult. With ideas like these, you can make sure there won’t be any damage done to your floors by the pesky winter elements.

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