Best of Both Worlds: Making Hardwood Flooring Softer to the Touch

It’s no secret we love hardwood flooring here at San Jose Hardwood Floors. It’s beautiful, durable, versatile, sustainable and cost-effective. However, when it comes to the day-to-day, sometimes hardwood floors just aren’t the most comfortable. Whether you’re trying to play on the floor with your kids or just walking around your home barefoot, here are three ways to make that hardwood flooring softer to the touch.

3 Ways to Make Hardwood Flooring More Comfortable

1. Installation add-ons. Consider the comfort factor before you install your hardwood floors. Radiant heating, for example, can warm your flooring so your feet can stay nice and warm as you walk barefoot from one room to the next, even during the cold winter months. As an added bonus this can save on your monthly heating bills!

Another factor to consider during installation is underlayment. Adding materials like foam or cork beneath your hardwood flooring can add a bit of cushion as you stand or walk around your home; this type of underlayment can add moisture protection, thermal insulation and sound dampeners, too!

2. Invest in an area rug. This common decor item is a great way to add a bit of your personality in a practical way. They’re great for spaces you plan to play with the kids and can protect your hardwood flooring in high traffic areas.

3. Get creative. Depending on how you want to use the area, be creative with what you already have! For example, if you’re planning a sleepover in your living room and don’t want to spend the night tossing and turning on your hardwood floors, move a few mattresses from unused beds or couch cushions into the space. Or lay down cushy blankets and indoor mats to reinvent the floor into the foundation for a soft, comfortable party room.

Want more ideas to make your hardwood flooring more comfortable? Come to our showroom and talk to our experts! They can also tell you more about alternative materials that might be a good fit for your family’s lifestyle, like marmoleum or luxury vinyl tile. Be sure to contact us for a  in-home estimate, too!

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