Having hardwood floors installed in your Olathe area home is a great investment because, not only are they beautiful, they will last for decades. Floors take a lot of abuse over the years, so here are some wood floor care tips that will help keep your wood floors looking their best:

  1. Regular Cleaning – few things will help your floor retain its shiny finish more than keeping it clean. Whether you vacuum, sweep, or dust mop, basic cleaning once every week is recommended to keep grit and dirt from scratching your floors underfoot.   For deep cleaning, SVB recommends Bona hardwood floor cleaning products to keep your floor looking great. Wet mopping is not recommended for wood floors as excessive amounts of water can cause the floor to swell or warp.
  2. Remove Spills Quickly – most spills won’t harm your floor’s finish if removed quickly. Use a soft dry or damp cloth. Don’t forget to clean dry spills quickly too.  Salt and sugar can cause scratching if walked on.
  3. Rugs – will protect your wood floor. Entryways are especially at risk as shoes drag in all kinds of hard pieces that can scratch and these areas get the most traffic. Use rugs at entryways, the end of steps, bathroom exits or other high traffic or moisture areas.  Avoid rubber-backed or non-ventilated rugs. Your floor should be able to breathe. Shake out, wash or vacuum mats and area rugs frequently. Don’t put rugs on newly finished floors. Wait 2-3 weeks to allow the floor to get the proper air to cure.
  4. Furniture – moving furniture can damage your wood floors if precautions are not taken. Felt pads should be attached to the bottoms of chair, table, and couch legs. These floor protectors must be kept clean of grit and periodically replaced. Never slide furniture. Carry furniture to its place and lightly set down.
  5. Humidity – keep the humidity in your home between 35% & 55%. Since wood is sensitive to the humidity in the air, wood fibers will pull in moisture, causing the wood to expand in the spring and summer months. During the winter months when the house is dry, there will be a shrinking effect in the width of the boards. You may need to use a humidifier during the winter months. Small, expansion cracks from summer to winter are a natural trait of wood floors.
  6. High Heels & Pet Claws – don’t walk on your floor with high heels. Because all of your weight is concentrated in such a small spot, it can cause dents. Trimming your pets’ claws will keep them from scratching the wood floors.

If you have questions about cleaning or maintenance of your wood floors, see our hardwood floor care tips page or give us a call. Our expert hardwood floor installers can answer any questions you may have. If your floors are especially dirty, you may be interested in our Huggins hardwood floor cleaning process that restores your wood floors to new without the hassle of stripping, sanding and refinishing.