At Huggins Hardwood Floors, wood floors is all we do. We are restoration, refinishing, and installation experts. One of the most exciting parts of our job is when a customer requests something out of the ordinary. Most customers order a basic wood floor, we install it and it’s beautiful. But occasionally, we get someone who wants a unique pattern, or an intricate design. That’s when we get really excited. There are so many ways to add personality to your wood floor. We can create borders, decorative landings, inlays, medallions, and much more.


Andrews-Photo-365By using different colors and species of wood, we can create beautiful pieces of art that fit seamlessly within your wood floor. In this home, the half circles created in the wood floor echo the curved balcony above as well as the arched window.








Decorative borders around a room create a more cozy feeling by defining the space in the room. By creating a large section in the middle of a room with a decorative border, it gives the same effect as a rug and can really set off a dining room table.




IMG_8709bEntryways are ideal for creating a unique wood floor accent. Medallions and interwoven patterns add a touch of class and make a great first impression for visitors in an entryway.




Andrews Photo 347Intricate patterns can call attention to a small space like a staircase landing. Because they are such small areas, the impact of a decorative pattern in  a landing really packs a punch visually.





Gondi  010Intricate patterns using different colors and species of wood can  be incorporated into the entire floor. These look especially stunning when they are in a room you can see from above.





In this photo to the right, you see an example of customized wood floor that was created  The diamond shaped, geometric pattern consisted of over 2300 individual pieces of quarter-sawn red oak, maple and walnut woods.


So, basically, the sky’s the limit when it comes to customized wood floors. A wood floor will last for decades, so why not make it amazing? For more photos of custom wood floors, take a look at our Designer Wood Floor Gallery on our webstite. If you’ve got an idea, give Huggins hardwood Floors a call, and let us turn your  dream into a reality.