Hardwood in Your Kitchen

Is hardwood flooring a good choice for kitchens?

Many homeowners love hardwood flooring, and want to use it throughout their homes. We often get questions about using hardwood in the kitchen, which is especially popular with open floor plans. We say hardwood works well in kitchens if you follow a few guidelines faithfully.

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Customers with hardwood in the kitchen should be ready to seal the floor regularly according to the manufacturer’s or the installer’s recommendations.

To keep your floor looking like new, you must be willing to clean up spills immediately after they occur. Sweep and dust regularly, and never use a steam mop on hardwood. Use only manufacturer recommended cleaners on your floor.

It’s always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining your hardwood floors. They all have recommendations about caring for their floors. That way you protect the warranty. You should even read the warranty before you buy your hardwood. Then you will know what to expect as far as cleaning and maintenance.

Your best bet for choosing a hardwood species that works in the kitchen is to ask your hardwood flooring professional. Our experts at Day Flooring Company can explain your best choices for a classic look with natural beauty and warmth, as well as a durable floor for all the work you do in the kitchen. Whether that’s an oak hardwood floor, or another wood species, the specialists at Day Flooring will be able to recommend the very best product for your home.

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