Hardwood Flooring Endures

How to ensure your hardwood flooring lasts a long time:

Many of our customers ask us: How long do hardwood floors last? The answer to this is based on several factors. install hardwood flooring Vancouver WA

One of the biggest factors in the longevity of any hardwood floor is what happens before we start to install hardwood flooring Vancouver WA. Experienced installers pay close attention to the conditions existing before the hardwood is installed. When we focus on the condition of the subfloor, the acclimation of the flooring, and the proper installation methods, we end up with great results. And a floor that will stand the test of time.

At the other end of the process, another big factor in determining the life of a hardwood floor is how it is maintained over the years. Regular weeping, dusting, and cleaning are essential to the longevity of a hardwood floor. The use of some types of cleaners may also result in a shorter life for your floors. The acidic content of some cleaners will break down your finish over time, leading to the necessity of refinishing more often.

The more times your hardwood floors are refinished, the shorter the life of the floor. A hardwood floor has only a finite number of time it can be refinished before it must be completely replaced. So two of the factors to consider when determining how long a floor will last are the preparations before it is installed, and how it is cared for over its lifetime. Another factor is the type of hardwood you choose. Take into account the installation, the type of hardwood, and the maintenance of your floor when calculating how long your hardwood floor will last. You can discuss these and other factors affecting the life expectancy of your hardwood floors with the experts at Day Flooring.

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