Installing Solid Hardwood Floors: To Glue or To Nail?

When it comes to installing hardwood floors, a common question we get is if they’ll be glued or nailed. Generally, we only glue solid hardwood flooring if the planks are 5 inches or wider, and for planks less than 5 inches wide we nail or staple. However, there are a lot of factors to consider, such as moisture in the home and your family’s lifestyle.

5 Factors for Hardwood Flooring Installation

Here are 5 factors to consider when it comes to installing hardwood floors.

  1. How much the hardwood flooring will expand and contract. Solid wood tends to change naturally more often than engineered and laminate, however another important factor is the moisture in the home and surrounding climate.
  2. The type of subfloor. If the surface underneath the hardwood flooring is wood, then nails will work just fine. If it’s concrete, however, gluing is a better option.
  3. The subfloor’s evenness. Nailing the flooring planks provides more flexibility in the long run, so if the subfloor isn’t level it tends to be a better option.
  4. Family lifestyle. If your floors will see a lot of use from pets, kids or even rowdy adults, nailing is likely to be a better option. In addition to withstanding wear and tear better than glue, nailing also has fewer maintenance issues.
  5. Manufacturer recommendations. We always check each manufacturer’s guidelines before installing hardwood floors so they’re added to your home correctly as well as still under warranty.

Want to know more about installing hardwood floors? Our experts are happy to answer your questions! Stop by our showroom to learn more about installation or flooring in general. Also, make sure you contact us for a  in-home estimate, too!

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