Flooring Design Idea: 4 Playroom Options

Installing new hardwood flooring in your home? Do you also need the perfect floors for a playroom? Whether you’re considering options for a current space or remodeling your home to add a room for the kids, there are a lot of fantastic options to consider. From hardwood flooring and marmoleum to cork and carpeting, here are a few ideas that are durable, knee-friendly and easy to maintain, in addition to offering warmth and still providing an area for toy cars to zoom around.

Playroom Option 1: Hardwood Flooring

If you want your playroom to match the rest of the house, consider hardwood flooring. In addition to keeping options open for when the kids get older, you’ll have a solid playing surface for toy cars to race around. You can also place carpet tiles, interlocking foam mats or a nice area rug on top of the hardwood flooring for a softer play surface. Wool area rugs offer the most natural option with high quality, easy to clean fibers and no worries of off-gassing.

Playroom Option 2: Marmoleum

Marmoleum is a durable, sustainable, easy to clean flooring option from Forbo Flooring Systems – plus it’s available in a wide variety of fun colors and designs! With 30 different colors, you can mix and match a few of your favorite marmoleum tiles, or even let the little one(s) have a say.

Playroom Option 3: Cork

Cork flooring is durable, affordable, shock absorbent and environmentally friendly. The great thing about this option is that there’s some give, making it a softer option, but it’s still flat enough that cars, trains or anything else with wheels will still be able to zoom around. As another added bonus, modern finishes make these floors decently water resistant, too.

Playroom Option 4: Carpeting

Carpeting provides a nice compromise between soft play surfaces and smoother areas for rolling toys and building towers that need a flat floor. Just make sure you keep it short, or even consider carpet tiles as they’re easy to pull up and replace small sections if there’s damage.

Want to know more about these flooring options? From hardwood and marmoleum to cork and carpeting, our experts are happy to answer your questions! Stop by our showroom today, and remember to contact us for  in-home estimate.

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