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GRIGO is a company with dedicated professionals, passionate about our unique product – Bog Oak wood – one of the finest hardwood on the planet. Bog oak is oak wood that has been lying in wetlands, submerged under water and peat for several thousands years. These anaerobic conditions protected oak wood from decay, while the acidic water and minerals dissolved in it, changed the coloring of the wood to an almost inky black.

Usually it is extracted from rivers and wetlands, in areas where oaks have grown for several millennia. Since there is such a limited supply of the naturally found bog oak, prices for fossiled bog oak are very high.

GRIGO Bog Oak is being produced from fresh cut oak under a patent pending, unique, environmentally friendly technology – replicating the same natural process – conditionally in short time (1-6 months, depends on thickness) converting fresh oak wood to bog oak.

No amonia treatment, not smoked, no paint used – 100% natural and environmentally friendly bog oak veneer, lamella, planks and boards – made in EU.

GRIGO Bog Oak veneer, lamella, planks and boards are of even better quality than very rare and highly expensive bog oak timber, which is found in nature in very limited quantities.

GRIGO Bog Oak patented technology lets us achieve timber color palette, which varies from inky black through ashy gray, deep violet and very dark blue to straw brown. Additionally, GRIGO Bog Oak has a significantly higher density (up to 10-12%), hardness and other physical characteristics than ordinary oak, putting our product among some of the world’s most expensive exotic hardwoods.
The warmth and beauty of real wood, combined with the inky blacks and hardness of a stone – GRIGO Bog Oak is crème de la crème of the worldwide hardwood choice.

GRIGO Bog Oak qualifies as a luxury product and is an excellent choice for using in both modern and traditional interiors. Because of it’s rich color palette and extreme durability, GRIGO Bog Oak flooring is perfect for residential and commercial purposes. Furthermore, GRIGO Bog Oak can be used for outstanding furniture, high end acoustic system casings (speakers, amplifiers, etc.), luxury car interiors and for other similar purposes.

GRIGO Bog Oak is 100% natural and environmental friendly product. It should not be confused with heat treated oak, steamed or fumed oak, which gets its dark coloring by the use of slightly toxic ammonia. Furthermore, ammonia treated wood has much less density and hardness and the color palette is limited to just different shades of brown.

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