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Undici Collection Laseren Graved Wood Floors & Wood Walls

The innovative collection of laserengraved parquet originates from the cooperation between Inkiostro Bianco and Listone Giordano. Indelible engraving and grooves enter
the material to extract a new spirit out of it. A new evocative power emerges from the engraved decoration: as natural as wood and as profound as a hand-sculpted work.
The collection is made up by three lines signed by designers and architects. Eleven (Undici) designs are included in each line: ten textures and one base. The raw material is provided by Listone Giordano, while the laser engraved decoration is done by Inkiostro Bianco

The floor, too, is transformed into
an avant-garde design feature. The
innovation of Inkiostro Bianco and
the experience of Listone Giordano
– guardian of memory and ancient
traditions in the production of highquality wood parquet floorings – join
to give birth to a unique and visually
stunning collection.

A total-look for the room: Undici
collection can be applied on every
surface: floors, walls or pieces of
furniture. A solution that connects
design, resistance and stability,
that gives a new appearance to
any room. Every project becomes
a unique experiment created with
sense of style and extreme care for

Texture, geometry and decorations
weave in the wood interconnecting
one another, changing and
disappearing. Lines flow and
intertwine, giving birth to new
connections between material and
decoration. The decoration mixes
itself with the wrinkles, the shade of
color and the lines of time of the
wood, creating an amazing
cooperation between two designers:
Nature and Inkiostro Bianco.

Hand-drawn lines imprint in
the wood forming patterns and
geometries and creating a play of
engraving, light and shade. While
moving and recomposing throughout
the material, the lines form maps
and geometric designs, in which the
strength of the wood natural traits
intensely emerge. The ancestral
power of the scratches imprints on
the surface like a message, that is
primordial and contemporary at the
same time.

Decorations with simple, clear and
individual lines combine creating
a constantly changing carpet.
The engravings exist individually,
conferring additional depth to the
A hypnotic and almost threedimensional pattern that makes the
surface the protagonist of the room.
The background texture becomes
thus a blanket in constant movement.

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