Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood has become a popular trend for homeowners seeking a “one of a kind” flooring design statement. Rustic reclaimed wood with centuries of patina, hand hewn and crafted with the eye and hand of an artisan add character, warmth and history to your home. Not surprisingly barn wood is also the revered material of craftsmen, builders and architects for its inherent warm properties and durability.

Part of the appeal lies in knowing that long before curated barn wood was repurposed to become statement flooring in your home it had a “storied first life” in our architectural past. Reclaimed wood is vintage sourced material that connects us with a narrative larger than ourselves, these materials are story tellers. Generations ago, these venerable living artifacts were harvested, milled and crafted into sturdy structures on our American Landscape as barns, farmhouses, silos, water tanks and 19th century industrial buildings. Centuries old reclaimed wood has withstood the test of time, weathered by the elements each plank nobly enriched with history and individual character.

I’ve talked about the aesthetics and romantic notions for choosing reclaimed wood but another equally important reason fueling this trend is that it’s repurposing and sustainability at its best. Reusing centuries old wood reduces our carbon footprint resulting in a reduction of energy usage and air pollution. Environmentally friendly, reclaimed wood gets to breathe beautiful new life into your home.

Peppi Masciandaro

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