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New York City Wood Floors

New York City Wood Floors

Restore Your Floor: Repairing Hardwood Scuffs and Scratches

Hardwood floors are a great investment that can bring out the warmth and comfort of your Honolulu home. However, daily wear and tear from pets, sand, and furniture can quickly scratch up the surface. Fortunately, a little bit of know how can help you maintain and restore your floor’s beauty. Here are a few do it yourself ways to repair hardwood blemishes, as well as advice on when it’s time to call a professional!

Wax and Buffing

Very light scratches or scuff marks in a small area of your hardwood floor can be easily fixed with a light waxing and buffing. First use a soft cloth to thoroughly clean the surface then apply a light coat of acrylic floor polish or wax. You want to do this sparingly so you don’t create a waxy buildup. In addition, acrylic floor polish can also begin to darken and stain the planks if too much is applied.

Stain Markers and Pencils

If you have light scratches that have exposed the bare wood underneath the finish, you can use stain markers and pencils to cover over the scratch. You can find these items in touch-up kits available from flooring supplier or hardware stores. Find a color that matches the wood, apply the marker over the scratch, clean up the excess with a soft cloth, and seal the area with a light layer of protective finish.

Wood Filler and Staining

Deeper gouges and nicks will require the use of wood filler to seal up the crack. You can generally obtain pre-stained filler at your local flooring supplier to match most wood types. You will need to fill in the gouge completely, let it dry, sand the excess filler away, and seal the area with protective finish.

refinishing hardwood floors, floor coverings international oahuSanding and Re-staining

Larger sanding and re-staining projects are required when there is extensive scratching over a bigger area of the wood surface. It is recommended that you call a flooring repair specialist in these cases, as it is easy to permanently damage wood flooring by over-sanding or misapplying stains and finishes. You will also want to call a professional if planks are cracking or warping, as they will need to be replaced.

Contact the experts at Huggins Flooring if you notice any areas that need more intensive care. We’ll come for a in-home, consultation to figure out the best way to restore your floors or update them to better suit your lifestyle needs.

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