Choosing A Type Of Flooring

Budget, décor, traffic—all of these are important factors in choosing the best type of 1317945-blog2flooring for your home or business. Here are some of the choices available from Huggins   Hardwood Floors.

Luxury Vinyl Tile or Plank
-This is an affordable choice for the budget-conscious. The vinyl flooring is waterproof for lasting durability.
Laminate-The best choice for high-traffic needs, laminate is highly resistant to stains and scratches and it will not fade in sunlight.
Cork-Gain thermal insulation from cork, helping with energy costs, while also providing a quiet flooring surface. Be sure to understand the upkeep required of cork flooring.
Bamboo-Durable and eco-friendly, bamboo is a wise choice both for cost and for permanence as a flooring.
Hardwood-For the top looks and styles, hardwood flooring is optimal. Hardwoods will be more expensive but should be viewed as a long-term investment.
Certainly, there are many more details about each type of flooring, but this general guide can point you in the right direction.

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