What’s trending in interior design this year? We have a few ideas for designers looking to stay on the cutting edge of up-and-coming trends, and for hardwood floor contractors looking to help their clients out with some suggestions.

Long length floors will continue to be popular. They really help to open up any space. Wide plank hardwood floors will also remain popular for similar reasons. Reclaimed wood floors are Reclaimed wide plank floors oak mixespecially great in longer lengths and wider widths because this helps to really accentuate the rustic character of reclaimed wood. The knots, character markings, color variation, and other unique features really stand out in planks that are wider and longer than traditional strip flooring.

Mixed patterns are going to be in this year. They’re showing up in tapestries, pillows, and even on furniture. If you’re nervous about mixing varied patterns, you might want to start off with a safe bet, such as a blue and white floral pattern on a duvet cover. Tiles combined with hardwood floors are an exaggerated version of this trend which first started out in cafes and has been making its way into high-end homes.

Fairy lights – Fairy lights are a lighthearted way to light up a room. Quirky light fixtures are in this year and so fairy lights offer a welcome reprieve from fluorescent light bulbs and other forms of harsh lighting. They can soften up any space, especially a bedroom.

Going Green – Here we mean “green” in multiple senses of the word! We’re talking about a fresh yellow-green color, chartreuse, and other light green tones. Add this color to lighten up any rChartreuse Green Linen Duvet Coveroom in the form of accents, furniture, duvet covers, wallpaper, and the like.

But we’re also talking about “green” as in sustainable, in terms of processes and products. Dustless sanding and eco-friendly hardwood floor finishes are two eco-friendly concepts that you can incorporate into your home building and interior design process.

Textures – Texture is a very important (but often overlooked) element of interior design. You will see all different kinds of textures incorporated into interiors this year. Mix it up by intermingling different fabrics and materials. Brushed brass is a popular choice for appliances and Prospect Heightsvarious home decor accessories, as it adds a uniquely distinguished air to any space. Seek out brushed brass faucets, knobs and other textured items that you can place throughout the home for added interest.

A simple way to get in on the textured trend is through decorative pillows, and this is one area in which you can make your DIY skills and general craftiness stand out–try creating a throw pillow using different scraps of fabric.


Bronze and copper – Warm-toned metals like bronze and copper are certainly eye-catching. They can help you brighten up any space and complement a variety of styles. Look for them in lighting fixtures and various accessories like lamps or vases.

Artisanal, handcrafted furniture and decor items – It’s like DIY furniture but craftier and more authentic. The rustic look is what a lot of homeowners are after, and incorporating handcrafted furniture and home decor items into a space really adds to the effect.

Smudge proof stainless steel appliances

Matte – We have seen matte hardwood floor finishes surge in popularity over the last few years, but now the matte trend is making its way into other aspects of interior design. Matte wall paint and matte appliances are surging in popularity. Matte items also perfectly complement bronze and copper, so you can successfully pair these two trends together.

Subway tiles – These can be used as a backsplash in kitchens or incorporated into different areas of the home. They can be found in different colors and styles, so they are versatile. They can also be found at nearly any price point.Wickets

Farmhouse tables – The farmhouse trend is big right now, both in flooring and other aspects of interior design. Reclaimed barnwood is usually used for these rustic farmhouse-style tables. You can put one together yourself if you’re crafty enough, or pick one up from a local artisanal furniture shop.