Popular Woods used in Solid Hardwood Flooring

decided that hardwood flooring is definitely the way to go.   Now you just need to choose the color, right?  Not quite.  Did you know that there are more than 50 domestic and imported species of wood flooring?


Whether you are laying solid hardwood floors or engineered hardwood, you will still have the option to choose the species of wood you prefer.  The right species of wood flooring is always going to be a matter of taste, budget, and durability, but it can be daunting.  Let’s look at three of the most popular woods that you’ll find in our Solid Hardwood collection:


·       Acacia – Acacia wood is a one of the densest of the hardwoods and its high oil content makes it resistant to the elements, rotting and insects so it is often used to create outdoor furniture as well as being an excellent choice for flooring in high traffic areas.  Its pronounced grain and knots give it a fluid and dynamic appearance and, by comparison, acacia wood can cost considerably less than other exotic woods.  Coupled with its durability, it has an outstanding cost value over the lifetime of the floor.


·       French oak – French oak is considered one of the most exquisite wood species, historically playing a significant role in French wine making.  Due to its higher tannin content, it reacts very well to the aging process and, as a result, takes on a beautiful patina as it ages.  Much like the acacia, French oak can have very interesting cracks, knots and tight wood grains giving each plank its own unique beauty. Highly desired the world over, French oak may cost a bit more up front but its long-term value is far greater than many lesser woods.


·       Birch – Because birch grows all around the world and is on the softer side of hardwoods, it’s very economical.  It’s very clear ring patterns and soft, undulating grain are reminiscent of flowing water and it comes in a variety of colors, ranging from creamy, pale yellows to deep red-brown.  As a softer wood, it would be a perfect choice for areas with less traffic.

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