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Anyone who has both pets and hardwood floors know that these two things don’t always go hand and hand. However, nobody wants to give up their family’s four-legged friend or their home’s striking hardwood flooring. Can you have both and allow them to exist in harmony? Read on to find out.

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Fortunately, the answer is yes. However, you must make sure you’re purchasing the best hardwood flooring for the job. Choose hard hardwood or hardwood that ranked high on the Janka Hardness Test. Engineers use the Janka Hardness Test to measure the force needed to dent wood with a small steel ball. Some woods hold up great, others not so well. The higher a wood’s Janka rating, the tougher the wood is against forces, scratches, and stains. In other words, a hardwood flooring with a high Janka rating will hold up well against your pets.

The following floors are some of the most popular hardwood flooring options used in homes across the country. Below they are ranked by hardness based on their Janka rating. The list goes from softest to hardest:

  • American Cherry: 950
  • Heart Pine: 1225
  • Red Oak: 1290
  • White Ash: 1320
  • White Oak: 1360
  • Hard Maple: 1450
  • American Hickory: 1820
  • Golden Teak: 2330
  • Bamboo: 2789
  • Bolivian Rosewood: 3280
  • Brazilian Walnut/Ipe: 3680

Bamboo, Bolivian Rosewood, and Brazilian Walnut/Ipe are some of the best hardwood flooring options to have in your home if you have a pet (or heavy furniture, accident-prone children, etc.). If you already have hardwood flooring in your home and have one of these flooring options already, you’re good to go. However, those with American Cherry flooring, or another low-ranking hardwood floor option, may want to reconsider their home’s flooring.

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