Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

If you’re considering replacing your home’s older carpet, you have several options. You could simply install a new carpet or you could completely change up the flooring in your New York home by adding hardwood to your room. Here are a few reasons that hardwood floors are the ideal option for your next flooring upgrade:

  • Hardwood floors are easy to clean. Unlike carpet that requires professional cleaning to completely remove embedded allergens, hardwood floors can quickly be wiped or mopped to clear up dust.
  • Pet messes are easy to clean up. It’s a fact of life. Pets track in mud and dust on a daily basis. Wood floors are simple to spot clean with a damp cloth or a dry broom.
  • Stains are a thing of the past. With properly stained hardwood flooring, spilled coffee will do little more than leave a puddle. You won’t be left with an unsightly dark stain that needs to be treated with chemicals to remove.
  • Hardwood floors may increase your home’s value. Due to concerns about chemicals in new carpets and the inherent difficulties of cleaning the fibers, replacing old carpet with a new version before selling your house may not increase your home’s value. However, restoring old hardwood floors or installing new flooring may boost the resale value while adding a pleasant warm look to the room.


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