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New York City Wood Floors

New York City Wood Floors

Wood Flooring Color Options

Hardwood flooring color trends in 2017 were all about extremes, with two of the dominant themes being at the opposite ends of the spectrum. The dark vs light trending which can be classified as “A Tale of Two Cities” are modern and contemporary but in very different ways. The other dominant trend met at the midpoint with warm neutral gray tones. All the hardwood floor trends in 2017 accommodate the consumer with colors and styles that coordinate or provide contrast in addition to   adaptability and longevity for individual design plans. Your floor is the foundation that sets the style and tone of a space for years to come.

Darker Woods and Stains

The modern drama of darker woods and stains such as deep walnut pair beautifully against the current trend of blonde or white cabinetry. Dark hardwoods add a sense of style and contemporary luxury. Deep stains provide a rich contrast and focal point while minimizing dust or scratches and reducing overall maintenance. Do be wary of reflective finishes such as ebony which can be challenging to maintain with a tendency to highlight dust and schmutz.

Lighter Woods and Stains

The second trend leans toward the clean crisp allure of lighter woods and stains. Blonde or light woods provide a fresh and modern point of view. Pushing away from the warm tones of yellow and orange this current trend is at the cooler range of the spectrum. Beautiful blonde woods such as maple and birch provide a clean sophistication alongside dark walls and furnishings.

Neutral or Warm Gray

The popularity of neutral or warm gray has been a dominant theme since the mid 2010’s and doesn’t appear to be losing any traction. Neutrals bring layers of warmth to décor with their versatility. Just like the perennial favorite “little black dress” this palette can feel simultaneously modern or classic. Coordinating with a trend in gray walls and cabinetry, gray flooring allows your space to remain current in an unflashy, sophisticated way. The unique trend in 2017 takes gray away from cooler tones and towards warmer shades. Another salient point is that since the gray coloring comes primarily from the stain it affords greater flexibility when following current floor trends.

Styles come and go and even flooring trends are not immune to change. The right flooring creates the perfect base for any room. Whether it’s the focal point or supporting role to your décor with all the available options you will be able to find the one that fits your lifestyle and aesthetic.

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