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New York City Wood Floors

New York City Wood Floors

Placing designs into you hardwood flooring

It is a feature that is unique and uncommon, but also can be risky to your overall design. When done right wood flooring inlay as it is more commonly called can add a touch of class and sophistication to a large space. However, there are many instances when inlay can overwhelm a space and make it appear cluttered and tacky.

What not to do with inlay!

Placing a design in your hardwood floors might sound like a good idea at first but there are a few rules you should follow to ensure the end results doesn’t end up a mess. 

Small spaces tend not to go well with a hardwood flooring design. You want your design to stand out but in a small space fighting for attention, the inlay design is either overwhelming or it can get lost in the clutter. One of the only small space I have seen these designs work is in the front entrance of a home. Other than that I would try to avoid placing inlay designs if you have a smaller home. 

Keep it simple! Do not go for an overly intricate design. They tend to look tacky and will be dated really fast. (See wonderful example) Simplicity is the keep to a good design. You don’t want it to overwhelm and take over the room. Your floors should be noticed but not be the life of the party. 

What makes a good inlay design?

Having a large home is a great help. It allows the design in the floor to play through a particular space drawing the eye in a particular direction something that is very difficult to do in a small room or space. You can see by the pictures included in the blog how a well done inlay can clearly transform a room. The choice of design is really up to you. Just remember to keep the design simple and without too many design flourishes to make sure it will stand the test of time. 

The most common type of simple inlay are boarders. Simple lines that follow the walls of the room giving a sense of shape and depth to the floors. Some people like to use inlay as an accent piece to a specific part of the house. These designs may vary but one of the more common pieces i have seen is the compass or starburst design. Placed in a study or a common traffic area of the house, this can work really well. 

Whatever design you choose be sure to get a professional to install the floors and talk to a representative at the Hardwood Flooring Store to get you on your way. 

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