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Hardwood Flooring the Bedroom

For many, many years the North American standard flooring of choice was carpeting. The idea was that carpeting was soft, warm, and cheap to maintain. Hardwood floors were left to the main floor. In many ways this is still the case. But times are changing. People more and more are taking a second look at hardwood flooring in the bedroom.

Things to consider

Before you go and rip your old carpets, consider this.

Are you an owner of a large pet? Dogs that jump up and down from beds tend to put large scratches into hardwood flooring and while rugs can mitigate the damage, it is still hard to keep floors in pristine condition.

If you do not get the floors installed by a professional with years of experience then you are risking the dreaded creak. Creaky floors in a bedroom are every young parents nightmare and every teenagers curse that is trying to sneak out of the house.

If you are an allergy suffered, carpets are your enemy. Carpets attract and collect dust, pollen and many other things that will give you nightmares. Hardwood floors are the best flooring for allergies, as long as you regularly clean them dust, pollen, and those nasty thing will have nothing to hold onto.


Kids Rooms

This is a tough choice. For kids carpets are the first choice of many parents worried about the inevitable falls. While carpet is softer, if you have a child with allergies, hardwood flooring is the better choice. The decision in this case will be one of individual preference.


The compromise

To get the benefits of hardwood floors and carpets the most elegant solution would be to proceed with installation of new floors and use strategically placed throw rugs at the sides of the beds and in hallways to dampen any noise and damage that could be done to the floors. This way everyone wins

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