Hardwood floors should be seen as an investment and like any investment they must be cared for and protected if you want to pass them onto your kids or a future buyer.

ABC stands for Always Be Cleaning

Well not literally always, but it sounded good. That being said, you should clean your floors regularly to take care of lingering dust or dirt (or dog hairs… so many dog hairs).

The good news is that this is much easier and quicker than most other flooring types. Simply use a broom, vacuum, or dry-mop on the surface and you are good to go. Just never use a wet-mop as this can remove the finish of your floors over time.

It is also genuinely a good idea to apply a trusted wood-designed floor cleaner every so often. You can find our list of products here.

Like all cleaning, continued maintenance is the best option. Afterall, if you want to enjoy those floors than you have to be able to see them.

Protecting your floors from your things

At Hardwood Bargains, we feel that a floor is a work of art and we could stare at the bare wood all day (some days we do). However, since it’s your floor, you might actually want to put something on it.

Large furniture like couches, beds, or tables always has the danger of scratching your new wood floors.  To prevent this, we recommend using some non-abrasive felt-backed floor protectors. Just stay away from ones with a fabric casing as these can scuff or discolor your new hardwood floors as well.

You can also go with a rug, but just like the protectors, you want to make sure you choose only rugs with natural backings since synthetics can damage or discolor.

What about four-legged fur-balls?

ABC of flooring - Dog

They have to go… No exceptions, it’s them or the floors.

Just kidding, at Hardwood Bargains, we love animals so much that we even have an office dog named Larry (it’s a she… don’t ask).

All jokes aside, the most important step in safeguarding your new floors from your four-legged pals is to keep their nails trimmed. This will cut down on the chance that they scuff your floors by just walking on them.

It is also important to make sure you have a towel or small rug under their food and water dishes to prevent scuffing and water spills.

Lastly, back to step one, sweep up the loose hair regularly to prevent it from clumping up and forming a layer on your new floor.

That’s it, three easy steps to protecting your brand new hardwood floors. After All, they are an investment in your house.