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New York City Wood Floors

New York City Wood Floors

Hardwood Flooring Spotlight: Meet Mirage Hardwood Floors

Are you committed to installing high quality, eco-friendly floors in your home? You’ll definitely want to check out Mirage Hardwood Floors, one of our featured manufacturers. Known for comfort, beauty and durability, Mirage strives to create products that are appreciated by homeowners and kind to the environment. We’ve worked with the company for decades and our customers are consistently thrilled with the results they get from Mirage Floors.

About Mirage Hardwood Floors

Why do you need Mirage hardwood floors? We’ve been working with them consistently for more than 20 years and have never had a major complaint. That in itself is quite impressive!

Here are a few of the things we appreciate about them:

  • Quality: They’ve received 30+ awards for excellence over the past 10 years.
  • Environmental Friendliness: All Mirage flooring is made in North America with the high quality hardwood from certified, responsibly managed forests.
  • Health: Mirage’s hypoallergenic finishes are free of volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde.
  • Durability: Nanolinx™, their nanotechnology-based finish, and DuraMatt™ finish, makes these hardwood floors the most wear-resistant around. With these finishes, your flooring will be safe from the hazards that come with everyday living.
  • Versatility: This manufacturer offers three different installation technologies, increasing options available to you as the homeowner.
  • Warranty: Mirage’s lifetime limited structural warranty means you can rest assured that your hardwood floors will stay beautiful for generations to come!
  • Selection: Thanks to Mirage’s extensive combination of colors, widths, and species, you’re sure to find the perfect flooring for your home. The company regularly adds options for consumers, too. Keep reading for the latest colors and species available!

Want to check out all of what Mirage Floors has to offer? Their website showcases all of their products, as well as all sorts of helpful information about caring for hardwood floors. One of our favorite things on the site is their “Get Inspired” page. There you can find photo galleries featuring all of Mirage’s collections, along with design ideas for all the rooms of your home. You can also order samples through the site (of course San Jose Hardwood Floors is happy to provide those too), and get Mirage’s recommendations for maintenance and repairs.

Mirage Flooring’s New Additions

Mirage has also recently announced their latest products, all of which we carry. Here’s the scoop on Mirage’s latest additions.

New Species for the Flair Collection – The Flair Collection, known for natural character and subtlety, has expanded its Oak species from strictly White Oak to include Red Oak as well. The Red Oak Nightfall Light Character is available in Classic solid hardwood and Engineered flooring options.

New Color for the Flair Collection – The Flair Collection now includes a bold, dark brown Maple color: Maple Nightfall Light Character. It’s available in solid and engineered flooring options, and would provide a stunning foundation to any room in your home.

New Color for the Imagine Collection – The Imagine Collection expanded color options to include Driftwood, offered in both the Red Oak and Maple species. This neutral shade is available in solid hardwood as well as engineered hardwood.

New Colors & Species for the Sweet Memories Collection – The Sweet Memories Collection expanded its offerings to include two new colors in Yellow Birch and Maple (Gelato and Peppermint). This is the Yellow Birch’s debut in this collection as well. Both species are available in Classic solid hardwood floors style; the Maple is also available as Engineered floors and Lock floors (real hardwood boards with HDF core – no glue, nails or staples required).

New Color for the Admiration Collection – The Admiration Collection added a beautiful, light tan Cape Code color, available in Yellow Birch, Maple and Red Oak. All three species are available in solid and engineered hardwood, although only the Maple and Red Oak offer the Lock flooring style.

New Color for the Herringbone Collection – The Herringbone Collection also added the stunning Cape Code color, available in Maple and Red Oak as engineered hardwood floors.

Where to Order Mirage Hardwood Floors

Did you know we’re also officially a Mirage Elite Maestro dealer? What does this mean, exactly? This exclusive designation given only to dealers that go above and beyond what standard dealers offer and means we’re one of the best of the best. In addition to a full showroom that showcases their products, Elite dealers like San Jose Hardwood Floors can provide homeowners with exclusive Mirage offers on various products and services. The Mirage Elite Maestro designation is an exclusive title reserved for the best of the best; it’s earmarked for companies that go above and beyond, providing comprehensive, professional service when it comes to Mirage hardwood floors. Of course, this is something we strive to do with every other manufacturer we represent as well.

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