Going Green With Wood Floors

Huggins Wood Floor Specialists is located in Westfield, New Jersey. Joe Avila, the company CEO and highly credentialed NWFA certified installer, inspector and teacher has grown his company since 2002. Joe is highly passionate about using and promoting green, eco conscious, Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) products. In layman’s terms VOC’s are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at room temperature. Their high vapor pressure causes large numbers of carcinogenic molecules to evaporate and enter the atmosphere, known as “gassing off”.


Joe Avila stresses that whichever floor finish you choose, the products will have different impacts on the health of your home and the environment. Traditional varnishes all contain varying levels of VOC’s; although the odor may be undetectable for days or weeks, the effects of these volatile organic compounds on you and your family’s health. Polyurethane finishes will continue to “gas off” or pollute the air in your home for 90-100 days. Prolonged exposure to products containing high levels of VOC’s have compounding long-term health effects.

For the past decade WOCA Denmark and Vermeister natural plant based finishes have remained Huggins Wood Floor Specialists preferred choices for Zero VOC flooring, with great return on the overall health and safety of your most precious asset, family. Joe Avila understands that baby steps, marathon building block sessions and family fun nights are all staged on your floors and your toddler should be the only volatile organic compound gassing off inside your home.


Vermeister, a brand leader in the wood flooring industry has become aware of the need to safeguard the environment and has been involved in extensive research and development  innovations in the formulation of renewable, eco conscious products. Vermeister is the only company to develop their exclusive Zero VOC waterborne product line. Every product in the Zero Concept or VOC range ensure a high level of comfort and contributes towards daily well-being by combining an aesthetic value with the naturalness of raw materials. Vermeister is committed to reducing the negative impact of solvent emissions on consumers and the environment.

WOCA Denmark takes great pride in the company’s “green credentials” by producing environmentally friendly products for over 40 years. WOCA’s ethos is fully focused around nature, by designing oils that protect and enhance the natural beauty and properties of wood while safeguarding the environment. WOCA consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation, developing products using the latest raw materials combined with their up-to-date formula.

Consumer demand coupled with government regulations have led to a heavy drop in the levels of VOC’s found in paints and floor finishes. Flex your consumer awareness and asks lots of questions before you shop and start your next project. Please visit our showroom at 406B West Broad Street in Westfield NJ. or call us at (908) 232-6600 Click Here REQUEST A CONSULTATION, our specialists are always available to speak with you about your upcoming projects. Huggins has hours between 10:00am-6:00pm Monday thru Friday, 10:00am-5:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

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