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New York City Wood Floors

New York City Wood Floors

Wood Flooring Trends New Jersey

Wood Flooring Trends New Jersey

2017 Wood Flooring Trends Short Hills New Jersey

1. Darker Woods and Stains


Selecting a dark wood has a number of benefits for a commercial location. First, darker woods and stains that are not too close to black are less likely to show dirt and scratches, minimizing your maintenance needs. Second, the current trend for blonde or white cabinetry provides an excellent contrast with wood flooring in deep shades like walnut. Be wary of selecting the darkest stains and reflective finishestt, such as ebony, which may make floor debris more noticeable.

2. Lighter Woods and Stains


The other extreme for 2017 leads you to lighter woods and stains to match. Blonde or light woods like bamboo, maple and birch could be a wonderful addition to any room. Although lighter wood types may seem to be warm, the current trend pushes away from warm yellow and orange, toward cooler styles. The paler the wood and the stain, the cleaner the appearance. Use blonde woods to contrast dark walls and furniture, and to present a seamless view of the commercial space.

3. Neutral or Warm Gray



Gray is the color of the mid-2010s, and the fashion does not seem to be losing any steam. Coordinating with a trend in gray walls and cabinetry, gray flooring allows you to remain current without calling too much attention to itself. The unique push for 2017 takes you away from cooler styles, to warmer gray stains. A warmer gray that is not quite approaching beige will afford you the flexibility to add pieces to the room in warmer shades. Since the gray coloring comes primarily from the stain, you have the option to sand and re-stain as trends change.

4. Extreme Grain Textures



With all the extremes in color selections, it should come as no surprise that the trend for wood textures also moves to opposite ends of the spectrum. Although the current preference for clean lines in lighter woods may also lead you to a smoother, flatter texture for the wood, you can buck the trend by selecting a texture that guides the eye to your flooring. For example, you might opt for a light wood with darker knots. An open grain can be made more obvious using wire brushing or hand scraping. However, you should bear in mind that a heavily-textured floor will require more work to clean, and may be more likely to show dust.

5. Matte Finishes


Fortunately, the trend in finishes help you to keep the space looking cleaner with less work. Finishes with a high gloss are on their way out, which is a practical move. The more reflective the finish, the easier it is to see dirt or blemishes. This trend is even more useful for commercial areas with bright white lighting. Finishes in satin or even matte provide a layer of protection to the flooring without drawing too much attention away from other parts of the building’s interior.

6. Wide Planks


If your aim is to make the flooring look classic but a bit more unified, wide planks is an excellent option. New hardwood planks are often an inch wider than the traditional or old-school planks. With fewer joint lines, you can feature some of the more interesting aspects of the wood itself, especially the grain.



Vermeister zer0

A single or two component protective waterborne finishing treatment for wood floors that is completely solvent-free. ZERO VOC can be used both as a single component or as a two component finish after adding ZERO VOC BOOST. Produced with renewable raw materials, ZERO VOC is ideal for green building and when applied directly on the wood it leaves the shade unaltered and provides a very natural effect. ZERO VOC is the first specific product for wood flooring to join the SUPER COMPLIANT ARCHITECTURAL COATINGS MANUFACTURERS LIST.

Rubio Monocoat

Fume Oak

Smoked Oak

Texture Trends

There are so many factors that make up the look of a gorgeous wood floor. Color is often the first thing people think of, but texture can make even more of a statement. Both good and bad.

You’ll notice that, in 2017, flooring is all about texture. In fact, companies are going through so much trouble to add texture to smoother surfaces to give homeowners the rustic, earthy feel that is so in right now.

There are many options when it comes to flooring texture – all those scrapes and marks are not always the same. Here’s an idea of what to look for.



Rustic, natural and unique hand scraped hardwood floors are making a statement in a big way!

Hand scraping makes each plank appear to be handcrafted and one of a kind. Long, ingrained scrapes show in the finish, leaving the floor looking finished, classic and rare. This is quite the process, and the sticker price shows!

This unique, individual, handcrafted look will absolutely stand the test of time. It looks expensive, and people love expensive.

**Note: Be careful purchasing hand scraped wood floors. Many companies will call their floors hand scraped, but they really use a machine making each plank look similar and more uniform. It is less expensive for them, but it does not offer the same effect.

Wire Brushed Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring in 2017 is all about extremes. If you want to present an updated look, you should make a fundamental design choice about the focal point of your business space. Your flooring will be the focal point, or you will select a neutral style that allows you to make walls, cabinets, windows or even the ceiling the primary eye-catcher. Fortunately, the trends for 2017 are all built for longevity, so that your flooring choices for the year will allow you supreme flexibility to redesign your office in the years to come.

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