Rubio Monocoat Westfield New Jersey

Oak engineered wood floor (PEFC-certified)
Rubio Mono Coat Westfield New Jersey

SPECIFIC FEATURES: Rubio Moncoat Westfield NJ

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus colours and protects your wood in one single layer. Unlike the traditional hardwax oils, Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus will connect with the wood ply by means of a molecular reaction, as a result of which a durable protection is obtained. This molecular connection enables the Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus to embed in the surface’s upper microns immediately. The wood fibres can only combine with a certain amount of oil. Oil, which has not reacted, doesn’t bed and needs to be removed.

Please scroll down to see the range of 47 colours.  Click on the picture to see the prices for the products.  Pack sizes are samples (20 ml), 275 ml, 1, 2 and 5 litres.

Please note that the colours shown and the coverage achieved are only a guide.  There are several factors that can influence these such as the colour of the wood, the absorbency, the location etc.

There is also a free colour chart available to help you decide which is the best colour for you.  Click here for the FREE colour chart.

If in any doubt, please order samples of the colours.  They are available for evaluation at £7.00 each + VAT.  If you subsequently buy 1 litre or more of the same colour, the cost of the sample is refunded.

To use Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus is straight forward.  Click here for instructions and application levels:  How to use Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus

To shorten the curing time to 24-36 hours,  please add Rubio Monocoat Activator to your Rubio Monocoat Colour.  It is used in the ratio of 10 parts Colour to 3 parts Activator.  The addition of the activator should not effect the final colour.

It is also recommended to use if you are going to use it in an area where it is going to get wet e.g. bathroom or kitchen, if it is going to be walked on fairly soon or used an area of heavy traffic.


– 100 % VOC-FREE!

– Respects the natural ‘look and feel’ of the wood

– Low consumption – 1 litre for 30 to 50 m2

– No starting marks or overlaps

– 40 colours.

– Easy to maintain

– Doesn’t contain water

– Applies to all kinds of wood, on furniture and floors (solid wood, veneer wood, MDF, etc…)

– Durable protection, highly resistant to wear

– Water-resistant: (suited for application in kitchens, bathrooms)

– Resistant to heat until 100 °C

Typical coverage with each pack size is shown below.

Pack Size Area Covered
20 ml Between 0.6 and 1.0 m2
275 ml Between 8 and 12 m2
1 Litre Between 30 – 50 m2
2 Litres Between 60 – 100 m2
5 Litres Between 150 – 250 m2


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