What To Know About Hardwood Flooring Inspectors & Certified Wood Flooring Consultants

Hardwood Flooring Inspectors

Hardwood flooring inspections is becoming big business with the increased number of wood floorsChecking floor flatness I find being installed in many homes today. How do you know you may need an inspector? Can’t I just call an ordinary home inspector? In recent years wood flooring has come under a lot of scrutiny. Consumers expect more out of them due to the cost involved. You may be lucky to find a house inspector that has some knowledge, but I would prefer you call in the guidance of one that has been through the schooling, classes, and certification.

Certified Inspectors

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) organized their inspection certification program in 1998. Chief reasons included creating a credible program where consumers could turn for expert assistance in assessing related installation and refinishing problems.

Becoming a certified inspector requires knowledge of the industry, wood properties, and ability to assess problems. Candidates are required to pass a group of written exams. Upon completion a probationary certification is provided. During this period each individual is required to complete five inspections that are then forwarded to the NWFA inspection committee for approval.

What Exactly Does A Hardwood Inspector Do?

A hardwood floor inspector is an independent Testing moistureconsultant. He or she collects data of the products used, time lines from point of original installation, records observations, takes photographs and handles field testing to evaluate the problem. Often in the case of wood flooring, moisture meters are used.

When finalizing a report of the problems, items on the report include the obvious problem focus, product and installation or finishing area description, industry standards, and recommendations.

What Costs Can I Expect To Pay?

This can vary wildly depending on the extent of the problem. However minimum inspections can run as low as $ 1000.00 and certified wood flooring consultants start at $500 in mind, most product failures are a result of installation error, or the installer or finisher overlooking fundamental factors they should be aware of when it comes to wood floors. Consumers may be able to recognize whether or not an inspection is necessary by reading through our page on avoiding problems before they start.

About These Inspectors

A small note about these inspectors. Unfortunately some do not have the background one would expect when it comes to analyzing wood floor problems. Some are not really inspectors but only report takers. My suggestion may be to find a professional that not only has the inspection credentials but also runs a hardwood contracting business. It’s these guys that have seen the problems over the years having studied and learned by mistakes and correcting by finding the root of the problem.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Report?

Times will vary, but one to three weeks is common. Before you consider an inspector, causes for failure may be obvious with the related pages shown below.

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