Freshly sanded and refinished floors in SoHo, New York


Oscar Ono Paris sets the standard for unparalleled quality with the creation of exquisite wood products. It is the true center of the operation where innovation is born, the cornerstone of the company founded in 2002.

“La Manufacture” takes to heart the original meaning of word.

Within a tradition of fine craftsmanship, ideas take shape and become reality in a state of the art facility in Amsterdam. All, under the supervision of passionate craftsmen who are always looking for new carving methods, techniques, stains…

Patience, determination and efficiency are key to Oscar Ono Manufacture

Oscar Ono is all about wood… the material itself, as well as, the art of the process, the human touch and the state of the art machinery that shapes it.

The creation of handmade finishes, textures, unique stains, floors, walls, ceilings, terraces, stairs. Its architecture, interior design, passion, brilliance, the extraordinary and the unexpected.

It is where WOOD INTERIORS become a reality.