Helping Clients ‘Go Green’ With Wood Flooring

The last time the green movement was this hot, you might have been wearing bell-bottoms and a peace symbol around your neck.Today, concern for the environment is back at the forefront. Global warming is a daily topic on the news. Major corporations, even Wal-Mart,are rolling out their own green initiatives.Green building has become more prevalent, including a high-profile green overhaul of the entire U.S. Capitol complex. Many federal,state and local municipalities are mandating green building for publicly funded new construction.

Whether or not you are concerned about environmental issues,one thing is certain: some of your potential customers are. To satisfy them, you must be green-savvy and able to source green products. Keep in mind that “green” means different things to different people; following is an overview of some aspects that can come into play when discussing environmental wood flooring products. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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